4 things you didn’t know about pencils

4 things you didn’t know about pencils

The pencil is an everyday object that we all know and probably use since our childhood. However, it is probably hiding some secrets… Here are 4 things you didn’t know about pencils:

1. What are the pencils made of? ?

While the outline of a pencil is most often made of wood, its lead is made of graphite. Originally, more precisely in the Middle Ages, lead was used – or sometimes an alloy of lead and tin. Sharpened to a point, it was much easier to draw with than with a traditional quill pen.

But then, why do we use graphite in pencils today ? It was in the XVIᵉ century that the English discovered graphite, a black mineral similar to lead. The so-called “plombagine” gradually replaced lead in pencils. It wasn’t until the 18thᵉ century that a Swedish chemist discovered that graphite is not actually made of lead, but of carbon.

2. How to hold a pencil ?

This question may seem surprising, but it makes perfect sense ! Indeed, the way you hold a pencil depends on how you use it. If you just want to write or draw lines, just hold it like a ballpoint pen.

But if you want to draw with your pencil, it will be interesting to hold it differently. Then adjust your pressure and the inclination of its lead, to vary the effects on the paper. You can even tilt it sharply and rub the edge of the lead to color a large area. On the other hand, if you want to make really fine lines, it is better to hold your pencil perfectly upright, taking care to sharpen its lead.

3. A great promotional gift

Did you know that pencils also make great corporate gifts? ? Alongside the pen, the personalized pencil is one of the advertising objects that the public appreciates the most. All sectors and all generations, B2B and B2C targets are always happy to receive a useful and easy to carry gift.

That’s why a promotional pen is still a great gift choice if you’re targeting a wide range of recipients. Moreover, it is a very inexpensive item that offers a good return on investment to the company. If you are looking for it, you can customize it on the Universal Pen website.

4. Pencil, wooden pencil..

The famous pencil with graphite lead has several names. One or the other is used according to the different French-speaking regions.

Thus, you will hear mostly about pencil in the center and east of France, and rather pencil in the south and west. Some areas prefer to use the term grey pencil (especially in the south-east, in the Dauphiné and on the tip of Brittany). In the north and in the Pays de la Loire, it is called the wooden pencil.

As for the French-speaking Belgians, they simply call it a pencil.

Finally, on the other side of the Atlantic, Quebecers prefer the lead pencil.

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