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How to choose a dropshipping supplier ?

That’s it, you’re in decided to start dropshipping. However, as your project progresses, it turns out that finding a supplier remains a big obstacle. Apart from the fact that you need to be patient and persistent, it is important to study certain criteria to find the rare pearl. Here is a list of points to take into account as well as traps to avoid when choosing a dropshipping supplier.

Refer to the price and the margin of the service

In addition to the price of the products purchased from your dropshipping supplier, you should also take into account the resale margin. It is important to take your time to study the profits you can make by reselling the items.

Logically, the higher the supplier’s price, the more difficult it will be to resell the item.

I advise you to turn to wholesalers who offer fairly low prices or to cheaper items.

The return policy

This is a point to be analyzed with each dropshipping supplier.

In general terms, upon receipt of a defective product or order confusion, the customer can return it to the supplier.

However, the conditions are not the same for each seller ! And it’s the same with the refund policy. I advise you to get information to avoid bad surprises.

Take into account the privilege of the dropshipping supplier

The dropshipping world has everything to attract self-entrepreneurs. But this world is also full of scams and scams of all kinds that you should beware of.

That’s why you shouldn’t go into this business blindly !

For example, there are a lot of sellers who offer counterfeit products. As well as the origin of the products sold by some suppliers which are sometimes doubtful.

I recommend that you check the legitimacy and consider the reputation of each dropshipping supplier before placing an order or signing a contract.

The ease of exchange with the dropshipping supplier

Communication is an essential point between a dropshipping supplier and a reseller.

Thus, a facility of exchanges must be installed between the two camps in order to solve as quickly as possible a problem of delivery or a return of product.

Make sure you have the supplier’s contact information so that you can contact him quickly in case of problems or disputes.

Opt for a supplier platform

Finding a dropshipping supplier is an important step that can take a long time.

There are platforms that list different suppliers and wholesalers to avoid this long and complex search. For example, BigBuy allows you to have access to a large catalog of suppliers in different themes: sports, home, fashion, etc. These platforms often require a monthly subscription in return, but believe me it’s worth it ! They take care of all the after-sales service, deliver your customers in 2-3 days, offer to add your logos on the packaging, etc.

BigBuy stands out in this list of dropshipping suppliers in Europe and in France: https://www.dropizi.en/p/dropshipping-supplier-europe-france

A great asset to differentiate yourself in the dropshipping business ! I talk about it in the next part.

Fast delivery

As you can imagine, the speed of delivery plays an important role in customer satisfaction.

You need to do everything you can to keep them waiting as little as possible and get orders out the door quickly. This is what happens unfortunately with dropshipping suppliers who are based in Asia… The delivery time is often around 3 weeks and buyers get impatient.

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