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Coca-Cola, the’s story’a brand that celebrates 130 years in business’existence

Coca-Cola is the most famous brand on the planet. It is indeed known by 94% of the world’s population. Since its inception, it has continued to reinvent itself to remain the best-selling brand in the world. What is the history of this American giant ?

How Coke was invented ?

Called French Wine Coca, the recipe for Coca-Cola was created in Atlanta (Georgia). It seems to have been inspired by the Mariani wine design, a tonic drink of French origin obtained by macerating coca leaves in Bordeaux wine. The French Wine Coca was a alcoholic beverage including the Coke, of the kola nuts and the damiana.

The date of the November 25, 1885 s first turning pointCoca-Cola’s history. Following a referendum launched that day, the city of Atlanta tried to ban the sale of alcohol for 2 years. An alcohol-free version of the drink was then developed.

However, the recipe continued to contain coca until the end of the 19th century.

The Coca-Cola recipe, called Merchandise 7X, is secretly kept in the SunTrust Bank Building in Atlanta. Only two people know it. They never travelled together nor were they in the same place at the same time.

Anyway, many people claim to have discovered the secret formula of the mythical drink.

How was Coke invented?

Who created the Coca-Cola brand ?

The formula of Coca-Cola was developed by the American pharmacist John Pemberton who started working on it at the age of 54. The drink was then intended to be marketed in soda machines. Its name was suggested by Frank Robinson, the accountant of its inventor.

The two of them joined forces, officially creating the Coca-Cola brand. In June 1887, it was registered in the commercial register by Pemberton who thus became the sole owner. The trademark was given to him bought for 2 300 dollars by the American businessman Asa Griggs Candler the same year.

From then on, Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy was put in place, quickly making the drink known.

On August 16, 1888, Pemberton died. At 1891, The Coca-Cola Company was founded by Asa Candler, his brother John S. Candler and Frank Robinson. Capital gains amounted to $100,000 at that time.

When was Coca-Cola created ?

The recipe for French Wine Coca was invented by Pemberton in 1885. Due to alcohol prohibition, however, the pharmacist had to revise the formula. On May 8, 1886, the new drink was sold at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta.

It was then sold 9 units per day.

Here are some other important dates of thehistory of Coca-Cola :

  • On January 21, 1893, the trademark was registered with the Office of Industrial Property Registration in the United States;
  • In 1894, Coca-Cola was promoted on various items such as calendars, murals, clocks, etc. It is also bottled for the first time by the owner of a confectionery named Joseph A. Biedenharn. However, Asa Candler did not take into account the progress represented by this solution;
  • In 1897, the product was exported for the first time;
  • In 1899, its bottling was finally agreed upon for the first time. The Coca-Cola Company authorized local businesses to distribute the drink, with the basic formulation provided by The Coca-Cola Company. This bottling system is still used today;
  • In 1902, Ernest Woodruff, son of one of the company’s partners, was elected president at just 22 years old. It is thanks to him that Coca-Cola became an international institution ;
  • In 1906, the company helped to establish bottling plants in Panama, Canada and Cuba;
  • 1909, the three partners holding bottling rights began to resell them to local companies after dividing the United States into zones;
  • In 1915, a bottling competition was launched. Alexander Samuelson (Root Glass Company) won it with his contour bottle. Today, it remains the most popular commercial icon in the world, being associated with good times spent with family and friends;
  • In 1919, all shares of Coca-Cola were purchased by Ernest Woodruff from the Candler family. This one also focused on the consolidation of the company after the First World War;
  • In 1923, the foundations of The Coca-Cola Export Corporation are created. This company aims to extend the bottling system to other countries;
  • In 1945, the can of Coca-Cola was introduced to provide the drink to soldiers during the Second World War.

Why the Coca-Cola bottle is red ?

More than a container, the The Coca-Cola bottle is a universal icon. Indeed, today it is an essential reference in terms of design. It is moreover exhibited at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York.

The popular tradition associates the shape of the bottle of Coca-Cola at curves of the actress Mae West which was famous at the time. In reality, it is not inspired by the female morphology. Until 1915, all Coca-Cola bottles had straight lines and looked very similar, making them easily imitable by competitors.

To remedy this situation, the company decided to organize a contest aiming at unify the design of the containers. One of the participants, Alexander Samuelson, then searched for illustrations of the ingredients of Coca-Cola. The shape of the kolatier has caught his attention.

He was inspired to design the streamlined bottle of Coca-Cola.

In 1960, it was registered by the U.S. Trademark Office in the Master Register (trademark category).

Another detail makes the Coca-Cola bottle iconic: its bright red color. This color is a mixture of three shades of red. The company chose it from the creation of the drink to allow the tax inspectors to distinguish it from alcoholic beverages.

Since then, Coca-Cola’s communication policy has never stopped using red. In the 1930’s, this color is notably found in a advertising campaign showing the Santa Claus dressed in red velvet and refreshing himself with Coca-Cola. In 1948, the famous Red disc appeared.

It indicates that it is possible to drink Coca-Cola in the place where it is affixed.

How Coca-Cola became famous in the world ?

The success of Coca-Cola can be explained by its will to fill the different senses starting with the taste. To satisfy all categories of consumers, the brand has implemented a diversification strategy. This has resulted in variations such as:

  • The Coca-Cola Lemon;
  • The Coca-Cola with vanilla;
  • Diet Coke, in which sugar has been replaced by synthetic sweeteners (aspartame and acesulfame K), thus presenting itself as a calorie-free drink;
  • The Coca-Cola Zero, also without sugar;
  • Coca-Cola Life, formulated with stevia and cane sugar.

The multinational also relies on the touch thanks to the shape of its glass bottle which is recognizable even with closed eyes. In addition, its visual identity and its ads These ads represent another strength of the Coca-Cola group. Moreover, the latter has understood the importance ofadapt its slogan according to the country.

Finally, the brand has always integrated the music in its communication strategy.

Since the beginning of thehistory of Coca-Cola, Many imitations have been discovered in the United States as well as in other countries. Among them, it is possible to find Afri-Kola, Cafe-Kola, Candy-Cola, Carbo-Cola, Celery-Cola, Coca-Beta, Coke-Ola, Cola-Coke, Cold-Cola, Four-Cola, Cherry-Cola, Hayo-Cola, Jacob’s-Cola, Roi-Cola, Koka-Nola, Koke, Kola-Kola, Loco-Kola, Mexicola, Nerv-Ola, Nifti-Cola, PauPau-Cola, Penn-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Prince-Cola, QuaKola, Rococola, Roxa-Cola, Sherry-Cola, Silver-Cola, Sola Cola, Star-Cola, Taka-Cola, Toka-Tona, True-Cola, Vani-Cola, Vine-Cola, Vine-Cola and Wine-Cola.

Faced with this phenomenon, Coca-Cola has called on thePinkerton agency to conduct a survey. His detectives were asked to go to the drink bars to order Coca-Cola and take samples. These were then analyzed to detect a possible imitation.

The mausoleum of the Coca-Cola imitators would have no less than 7,000 graves.

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The iconic message of Coca-Cola

In addition to its extraordinary history, the Coca-Cola brand remains in people’s minds for what it represents, its message. Each of us remembers advertising campaigns with celebrities or even the Coca Cola ads with iconic characters like Santa Claus. It is an integral part of the brand’s image since it can be found in packaging and advertisements dating back to 1920.

Coca-Cola is also a sponsor, its legendary red color can be found in many stadiums and sporting events around the globe. For example, we can see it at the time of the Tour de France with a truck in the parade, distributing cans and candies in the shape of Coca-Cola bottle. The brand is also the direct sponsor of some sports.

The message of these advertising campaigns is to make us see and feel the brand as part of our daily life while being present among the elites.

Somewhere along the line, when we consume Coca-Cola, we are equal to the champion we see on TV and he is our equal too.

One of the most memorable campaigns is the first name on the Coca-Cola bottle label. Many consumers have gone to the store to check that their name was on a bottle they bought. There was also the possibility to make dedications on a bottle of the drink via the website, to have it delivered at home and then to offer it as a gift.

In the same way, on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you could find little tender words on the bottle labels.

Confirming the brand’s presence in the daily lives of its consumers. The brand’s goal has always been to be close to its customers, both literally and figuratively.

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