How to put your PC to sleep with the Euresa System keyboard

How to switch off your PC with the keyboard ?

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful to save time, especially when’you work on your pc. There are dozens of them. According to the’operation, some shortcuts are not the same.

Here are the different shortcuts to put your PC to sleep with your keyboard under Windows.

The keyboard shortcuts to put your PC to sleep on Windows 10

The shortcuts are very useful to save time, but also when the mouse is not working anymore. At Windows 10, there are 5 shortcuts to put your pc to sleep, the’Turn it off, put it in deep sleep, restart it or disconnect it.

  • Putting your pc in standby Press Windows + X, then D, then V (you can also try the “sleep” button)’option Windows + X, Alt+F4 and Enter)
  • Stop to his pc: press Windows + X, D, then A
  • Disconnect the session : Windows + X, on D, then on D
  • Power on Hibernation Windows + X, on D, then on M
  • Restart To restart your computer: Windows + X, on D, then on R

Put your PC to sleep quickly by creating a shortcut

Put your PC to sleep quickly by creating a shortcut

In order to save time, you have the possibility to put your pc to sleep with a shortcut on the desktopu. You will therefore create This shortcut can be created by following the steps below:

  • Right click on the Windows desktop in an empty area and click on “New“then on “Shortcut“.
  • In the field that is used to inform the location of the new shortcut, copy and pasterundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 1,0,1“then click on “According to“.
  • Name your shortcut (for example “Sleep“or “Put to sleep“).
  • You don’You only have to press’à double click with the left slider to put your pc in standby quickly.

You should also know that’there is a mode extended standby time (or hibernation). This function saves everything that is open during the sleep mode. To create a shortcut, you will have to follow the same steps as those listed above by filling in “rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0”.

What is the difference between standby and hibernation ?

What is the difference between standby and hibernate?

Put a computer in standby, c’It’s a bit like putting your computer to sleep pause when’watching a DVD. In fact, the data is stored in the RAM memory and you can quickly resume what you were doing before’we were doing. In addition, the’The computer goes into sleep mode’energy.

The mode hibernation generally concerns laptops. However, computers also have this option. The principle is similar to the standby mode: the data is saved.

On the other hand, they are saved directly on the hard disk so that the’computer can be turned off without losing the documents and programs opened. When restarting, the current pages will be saved’will open.

Restart the PC in standby mode is more shortcut that’in hibernation mode. But this second option allows to save a lot of energy’power and s’is very useful when’on n’You don’t have a charger with you and you don’t have to carry it with you’we know that’we will leave our pc aside for a few hours, but that’you want to pick up where you left off.

In addition, there is a third standby mode that’we call it hybrid standby. On the’uses most of the time on the desktop computers. The hybrid standby mode allows you to store open programs and documents and to strongly reduce the power consumption’energy.

Restarting is faster than restarting’in hibernation mode.

For leave button for sleep or hibernation mode’on a switched-on PC, just press move the mouse or typing on the keyboard. If this solution doesn’t work, activate the sleep or hibernate button on your computer’power.

Should I choose standby or hibernate? ?

Should I choose sleep or hibernation?

The standby mode allows you to’save the data and quickly restart your PC while reducing the consumption of energy’energy. C’is therefore a suitable solution during a short break when you are working on your computer.

If you know that you don’t want to use’If you don’t want to work for several hours, but you don’t want to lose your current data, the extended standby or hybrid is more appropriate. Indeed, your data will be stored on the hard disk. In addition, the power consumption will be zero, which is a considerable advantage when’you work on a laptop computer.

In the evening, remember to turn off your computer completely so that the power is not lost updated can be used’install. Without shutting down and restarting your PC, the updates cannot be completed.

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