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10 keys that every entrepreneur should consider before starting a business’open a store

A few years ago, in 2005, I had a’was going to open a store dedicated to one of my passions: Cinema. Arte Transition, c’The name of this project was to be a store specializing in the sale of films of the same name’You can also buy books, soundtracks, t-shirts, posters, figurines, official products, etc. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that’I didn’t open ! Despite a plan of’s business optimism, my real knowledge of the company’business was very limited and I know today’today that this project does not’would hardly have been successful.

Making those right choices to open a store

When an entrepreneur talks to me about his idea of’I usually tell a store about my own experience and how I like to work with them’I later found out that I was not a member of this group’was not on the right track as I thought. The mistakes are often similar, c’is why I want to open a store’attracts the’Pay attention to some of the most important keys to success’an entrepreneur must consider before deciding to start a business’open a store.

L’experience is important. If you don’t have’have never worked in a store before, a good way to start thinking about your own business is to work in a store. You will learn the ins and outs of business management, observe good and best practices that will help you decide on the best course of action’approach you want to give to your store. And above all, you will find out if a store is right for you or not; I know of cases of entrepreneurial traders who have taken their hands on their heads to see the reality of the business: hours, weekends, low margins, excessive competition everywhere, difficulties in dealing with customers, lack of information, etc’a certain business sense…

Study realistic niches.

All cities n’There is no room for every business initiative, no matter how brilliant it may be. Thorough and realistic market research is essential to determine which business may be the most attractive and its prospects for success. We have to be wary of recommendations from friends and family, such as “because’it n’There are no stores on this subject and that’it would be a success, because’it does not stop’being their opinion on the matter and what we need now are objective and real data that allow us to clarify which business opportunity is better.

The store n’It’s not for you, it’s for you’What your customers see in your store. You would like to have a store specializing in warships, just like I wanted to create a movie store, but are there potential customers to make a living from it ? And be careful when you make the accounts of what will be sold, the paper supports everything, even the sales forecasts made more with the heart and the mind’illusion that’with reason.

Focus on what is important for your business

It’s easy to get distracted by the logo, the name or the company name’appearance of the web, but the’The important thing is to find the best possible location and to make the most of it’It’s a good idea to establish a good commercial policy: what I’m going to sell, how I’m going to sell it and to whom I’m going to sell it. Although’It is surprising to see how the vast majority of stores are not in the market’It is not possible to open a store without being able to answer these questions accurately and rigorously. And not only small stores, but also large chains and operators who come to think that all places are the same “and we sell because we are known “… And then when you do not sell you find that you do not.

Location: Where will you open? ?

A virtual currency like Electroneum is thus an excellent alternative for newcomers to the crypto world, either an expensive and well-located place or a cheaper place in a small shopping street, where the customer passes by with a target profile ? Often, the’The location is chosen according to what can be paid and the budget said, but the thought should be: How much will I sell if the product is sold?’The place is here ? You have to look beyond the cost, you have to look at the value of the name’opportunity to’business presented by the’one or the’other local section.

You must be the greatest specialist.

If ultimately the store is on your favorite theme, you will surely be a real specialist. But if you have paid attention to a market study and the specialty of the store is foreign to your knowledge… All of’First, you need to become a subject matter expert at a forced pace. Secondly, the staff you need to hire, who is a specialist and from whom you can learn.

Pay attention to family and friends.

Everyone will want to work in your store and it is difficult to say no. Well, you have to say no if it doesn’t suit you. They may have the best intentions in the world, but s’they are not the right profiles, they are better than’them, despite the personal problems that this may cause.

Count on people who add, not subtract.

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