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Luna Abyss, the Fps of’horror !

Luna Abyss has a particularly interesting concept with its scenery and bestiary. The game is indeed a mix of action-adventure FPS, survival horror and science fiction. The technical challenges are logically commensurate with this ambitious project announced in August 2022.

The trailer has nevertheless impressed gamers and industry players, knowing that this is the first project of Bonsai Collective.

Presentation of the game Luna Abyss

Luna Abyss is an upcoming action-adventure FPS developed and published by the studio Bonsai Collective. For the developers, the title is an action-adventure game, narrative and in subjective view. Gamers consider it more of a bullet hell FPS with a horrific narrative arc, after seeing the first trailer.

In any case, the game promises to be exciting and addictive.

The atmosphere evokes BioShock and Dead Space, cult licenses in their respective genres.

The shooter is in development for PlayStation, PC and Xbox. However, the publisher has not yet specified the generations concerned for the consoles. The recommended PC configuration is reminiscent of the latest Sony and Microsoft machines (PS5 and Xbox Series).

The same goes for the gameplay and scenery presentation videos accessible from the game’s Steam page.

The story of Luna Abyss

In Luna Abyss, the player is trapped in an abandoned alien facility under the surface of a fake moon. This megastructure is the remnant of a powerful empire that has disappeared and whose secrets have yet to be (re)discovered. In this abyss, the mission is to find a forgotten technology and the ancient colony it decimated.

The investigation will focus on the event that led to the fall of the alien civilization and the destruction of their environment.

During the adventure, the player will be closely followed by Aylin, the artificial jailer of the prison. Ally or enemy ? Its status is yet to be determined. However, the main threat comes from the horrific creatures in the abyss.

The prisoner will nevertheless be able to defend himself with a wide variety of weapons. He also has access to various equipment that allows him to gain mobility.

The gameplay of Luna Abyss

Luna abyss gameplay

Bonsai Collective is preparing a game with an exciting story and bullet hell action. Indeed, the prisoner is surrounded by cosmic horrors and threats related to the alien megastructure. Yet he will have to survive to fulfill his mission and understand the catastrophe that caused these ruins.

In this context, the player will have to be vigilant and clever.

Luna Abyss offers a particularly powerful and diversified arsenal. However, confrontation is not always the best way to survive. The player can also use various mobility equipment to escape these creatures.

The means of travel play a significant role in the investigation.

When will Luna Abyss be released ?

Luna Abyss did not yet have an official release date of January 2023. As a reminder, the Bonsai Collective studio has officially announced the development of its first game in August 2022. The presentation was accompanied by a trailer and various photos of the universe in development.

In the meantime, the studio has opened a Steam page for the project.

It then multiplied the teasers online through videos and photos of this universe.

In mid-December 2022, the developers released the official gameplay trailer of the first-person shooter. The video is still available on YouTube. A month later, the team gave new glimpses of the horrific adventure’s settings on its Steam page.

These images were quickly relayed by gamers and specialized media. That said, the timeline is currently “Coming Soon”.

Luna Abyss, a horrific FPS ?

Luna Abyss can be classified in the horrific FPS genre, even if the developers seem reluctant to identify themselves with this category. Indeed, they emphasize the action-adventure and narrative side of the first-person shooter. The concept is nevertheless close to the horrific FPS Ripout , bringing the player to explore a ship infested with malevolent creatures.

Only the framework changes.

Bonsai Collective has opted for a megastructure with a real underground world.

The two titles obviously differ through the scenaristic, graphic and dynamic details, etc. The pace of the action is also hard to compare, before the release of Bonsai Collective. On the other hand, they are quite similar considering the basics of the formula.

Fans of horrific FPS should therefore find their happiness with the fights and monstrous creatures of this new adventure.

If you need to wait for the release of this wonderful game we offer you a Top 10 on the free FPS of the moment !

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