Online driving school 5 criteria to choose the right one

How to choose your online driving school ?

More and more driving license candidates are now turning to online driving schools. This is because of the convenience of this option. Indeed, it is now possible to legally take driving tests on an online platform.

However, with the ever-growing number of online driving schools, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice.

So, if you are planning to go to a school, this option will certainly interest you’To learn the Highway Code online, here are some criteria to consider in order to choose your online driving school.

Check if the driving school is accredited

If you have already obtained your driving license assr 1 and your ASSR2, you are eligible for the driving license. These are the level 1 and 2 road safety school certificates. These are necessary to pass the car or motorcycle driving license.

In addition, the exam to obtain the highway code is increasingly easier for candidates. Indeed, apart from the classical training, it is now possible to learn the Highway Code via Internet. So, whether you are a busy person or constantly on the go, this option will certainly interest you.

This is also the best way to learn the Highway Code with your family.

However, the choice of an online driving school is not made at random. It is important to take into account a certain number of criteria. Thus, the first criterion to choose an online driving school is the accreditation.

Any driving school worthy of the name must be approved.

The approval number is issued by the prefect of the place where the school is located and is valid for 5 years.

The accreditation is mandatory and must appear on all documents or advertisements of the establishment. Thus, if the driving school you are about to choose does not have this number, it is not credible.

Check if the school is serious

Several factors allow us to verify if the school is serious or not. Among these, the type of formula offered by the establishment. In fact, many driving schools offer their candidates the “1 euro a day driving license” formula. These are driving schools that have been approved on the basis of very strict criteria.

These have also signed the charter of good conduct, as well as the financial guarantee systematically associated. The latter allows for the reimbursement of sums paid in the event of bankruptcy.

Another factor determining the seriousness of an online driving school is its success rate in the driving test. Although it is not a determining factor, it can largely influence the choice of the candidate. To obtain the success rate of a driving school, all you have to do is go to the prefecture of your department with the approval number of the establishment.

With this indicator, it is easy for the applicant to compare several driving schools.

The seniority is also a proof of the seriousness of a driving school. Indeed, a driving school that does not train its students well does not obtain good results. This inevitably leads to bankruptcy.

Check if the content of the courses is in accordance with the official Highway Code exam

The Highway Code is a very serious exam. It is therefore important to prepare yourself accordingly in order to succeed. This preparation is above all based on the quality of the training.

Indeed, if your training is complete and of good quality, you will have no trouble passing your driving test.

So, before choosing your driving school, make sure that the content of the courses and the equipment as a whole are in accordance with the official exam of the code. This avoids unpleasant surprises after the payment of the training fees. Generally, each online driving school delivers information about the content of its courses on its platform.

Make sure that the driving school provides you with qualified instructors

The accreditation, the degree of seriousness and the content of the courses are not the only elements to take into consideration when choosing a driving school. It is also essential to make sure that the establishment will allow you to benefit from driving lessons given by qualified instructors. Indeed, even if the courses are in conformity with the official exam of the code, if they are not well dispensed, the expected result will not be reached.

To find out if the establishment provides you with qualified instructors, you can always turn to the prefecture. This structure has all the information on most driving schools.

Take into account the rate

The cost of the training is also an important criterion when choosing an online driving school. Generally, the all-inclusive rate is displayed on the front of the online driving school. However, it is recommended not to trust this often very attractive price.

Thus, if the establishment offers different formulas, the ideal is to try to understand what each formula corresponds to. This allows you to make a better choice according to your needs. You can also compare these rates with other online driving schools.

On the other hand, a too high rate does not necessarily guarantee the quality of the training. Finally, consulting the opinions of people who have already benefited from the services of the online driving school will also help you make your choice.

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