How to securely host and share health data Euresa System

How to host and share health data safely ?

According to the National Commission on’According to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), health data includes all information related to the physical or mental health of a person’an individual. Over the last ten years, the number of backups has risen unprecedentedly, which now poses a storage problem. How to host and share this data with your fellow physicians ?

Why it’s important to secure healthcare data ?

Before proceeding with the’When it comes to hosting health data, you need to know how to secure it’First ensure that it is secure to ensure its confidentiality. Indeed, this information affects the’The data are very sensitive to the privacy of the patient.

In addition, they have a significant market value. D’According to the’Agence du Numérique en Santé, on the dark web, they can be worth up to’at $300. When this data is disclosed, it can infringe on the privacy of your patients or be used during hacking operations and as a basis for the creation of new information’online scam.

Securing this information is also essential to avoid intrusion by a third party. This may lead to changes in the medical data of employees’The less data you have to process, the easier it is to secure it.

Ultimately, health data must be secured to to preserve its anonymity and to avoid its misuse by a third party. To host this information, you will have to choose the platform that best suits your objectives and obligations.

How to choose the hosting platform’hosting adapted to your needs ?

To choose the’If you are looking for a hosting company that meets your requirements, you must Determine the type of data you have’How to choose the right hosting platform’you need. S’s a matter of’a mutualized hosting, of which you are the owner’dedicated or shared hosting’cloud-based hosting ? Secondly, you must take into account a number of criteria. It is’However, it is not about :

  • When considering the possibilities of’integrations offered by the provider,
  • s provider’technical support provided,
  • additional services,
  • of the proposed security.

Finally, you must ensure that the data platform is up to date’hosting offers safeguards. This will be useful in case of problems, to access and share all your data. However, this is not the case’This is not the only way to send out your information securely.

Keep your data current, accurate and secure

If you want to share your patients’ health data, you also need to make sure that it is up to date. This implies d’update information and limit their collection as much as possible. To do this, you must ensure that each data collected serves a specific purpose.

The less you have to process, the easier it is to secure.

You should also delete information that has exceeded the required retention period. Health data has a retention time defined by the CNIL. When this is exceeded, delete the data that is no longer relevant’Interest to limit the amount to store.

Of course, in order to secure your patients’ data, you also need to protect the system’access to your various digital devices. You must’act on your smartphone, PC, tablet, etc. This involves installing the code by hand’y Set up a strong password or other encryption which gives you a unique access.

Share your data with authorized people

C’is the’one of the precautions you can take to share your data safely. This allows you to keep some control over the information you share. Moreover, by sharing the data with authorized persons, you know exactly who has knowledge of the files in your charge.

Therefore, in case of a leak, you have an idea of who to contact in order to find the right person as soon as possible’origin and cause.

To host your patients’ health data, you must first of all carefully choose the right provider’web host. As for the sharing of information, it must imperatively be done between authorized persons. Above all, the data to be shared must be constantly updated and kept safe.

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