How to install Facebook Pixel to improve your Facebook Ads

How to install Facebook Pixel to improve your Facebook Ads ?

The Facebook Pixel is very popular with professionals who are trying to improve their website’optimize their conversion rate. Indeed, it provides the pixel code that you will have to place on the pages of your site. No need to’Be a coder for the’to install, here are the steps to follow.

Go to the ad manager and create pixel

Before you’install the Facebook pixel, you should go to the advertising manager. When you are there, click on the top left corner in “Advertising Manager”. You will find the’Pixel tool in the “Report measurement” menu.

Then click on “Create a Pixel”. A window will’It will open automatically. Facebook will assign a name to your pixel and you can change it. Then, if you want to add the pixel code to your site, you can do so’URL of your site, click again on “Create.

Install the pixel code on your site

Once you have created your pixel on Facebook, it is essential to know the origin and cause of the pixel’add to your website. You then have three options:

  • use an integration or a tag manager if you use a CMS and in this case, Facebook will tell you the procedure to follow
  • This involves installing the code by hand and copying and pasting it into your site (this option does require some basic development knowledge)
  • simply call a developer

Check that everything works

To make sure your Facebook Pixel is working properly, go to the Ad Manager and select Pixels. If you see that the status is “active”, it means that your code is valid. On the other hand, in case you read “no activity for the’instant”, that is’is that’it does not work.

You can then use Pixel Helper, a tool offered by Facebook to configure your pixel.

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