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5 tips for a successful workspace design

The efficiency and the results of the collaborators of work do not depend only on their competence. They are also a function of the quality of their work environment. In order to make it perfect and conducive to a good atmosphere, it is important to succeed in the design of the work spaces.

A badly installed workstation, an engraving here, a flower pot there will not do the trick. Here are some ideas to offer your employees an optimal work environment.

Storage spaces and equipment

It is obvious that a well organized office is an office in which employees work more efficiently, but also more serenely. You should start by redefining the storage space. The next step is to get the appropriate storage equipment. These include:

  • Rolling cabinets;
  • hanging files ;
  • key cabinets; etc.

These are the essentials for keeping all the documents in the office in order. This is the ideal way for your employees to work with everything at hand.

Most of the time, offices are furnished with the available furniture without going overboard. A tactless and effortless layout is neither aesthetic nor motivating. If you don’t plan to completely change the layout of the workspace, it is possible to give it some consistency.

At adp-group.If you don’t have a lot of space, you’ll have satisfactory proposals.

A collaborative and flexible environment

If your work space is an open space, be sure to provide a space for your employees to isolate themselves if necessary. The ideal would be to provide soundproofed and mobile spaces to allow them to relax for a short break. In addition, when configuring your plans, you should think about creating collective spaces in which they can organize meetings, eat together, etc.

Provide a rest room. It is generally a closed room where it is possible to take a nap without fear of being surprised. It must be pleasantly arranged to encourage rest and relaxation.

A kitchen area would also be useful.

It would be the ideal place to make a cup of tea, heat up your meal, quench your thirst, etc. For this, it is important to think about equipping this kitchen with basic appliances:

  • a coffee machine ;
  • a water and drink dispenser ;
  • a microwave;
  • a refrigerator; etc.

In order not to be caught short, or to proceed with the design of your office without great expense, opt for a modular office furniture. This is the perfect furniture to facilitate the arrangement of your spaces during the recruitment period. For example, you can choose the acoustic partitions removable and the desks on wheels.

They will be able to adapt easily to the new decor of your company in the long term according to your growth.

Alternatively, you can decide with experts to create a custom-made workspace for the happiness of your employees. The costs will certainly be high, but your employees will pay you back by being very productive.

An adequate decoration of the offices

The workplace is still the place where employees spend most of their day. It is therefore important to make it attractive so that the space is not gloomy and dreary. Start by coloring the walls: colors influence mood and behavior.

Why not green, blue, or yellow tint ? In any case, make sure that the operation is done with healthy. It must be solvent-free and free of pollutants. This way, your employees will not be bothered by the unpleasant odors of your repainted walls.

The greening of your premises is also a healthy way to furnish your office. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, green spaces brighten up the place and greatly improve the work atmosphere. Moreover, some plants are depolluting.

They can eliminate the pollutants present inside your premises. You don’t want to turn your space into a miniature Amazon either. It is important to remain soft so as not to overdo it.

Artwork can also make a place for itself in the decoration of your premises. It can be engravings, paintings, representations of animals or objects.

Brightness and air quality

Dark, dull and blind spaces have never been popular. Bright spaces are good for employee comfort. On the other hand, the lack of light can cause eye strain and headaches.

The lack of light can also make them irritable and disturb their ability to concentrate. The solution would be to opt for ventilated rooms or to ventilate them during the layout.The light is one of the most important elements to take into account when designing a work space. If your workspace does not benefit from enough daylight, you can purchase a desk with a backrest desk lamps.

Some of them are specifically designed to boost morale and their lighting is similar to natural light.
It may not be obvious, but the quality of the ambient air depends greatly on the constitution of the workspace. It is therefore important not to place the desks too close together so that everyone can have their own breathing space. In addition to air-conditioning, large windows should be provided to allow for natural air renewal.

It is also necessary to provide access to the roof, to allow your employees to breathe fresh air and especially to take a deep breath away from the pressure of work. Of course, this would only be possible in the case of a building with several floors.

Ergonomics of workplaces and furniture

To create a comfortable and productive workspace, ergonomics must be at the center of your design. It will thus be necessary to take into account :

  • Ergonomics;
  • the functionality of the office furniture;
  • the comfort of the users.

In principle, every employer should proceed to the fitting out of the workstation, especially when it is a job in front of screen. To preserve them from any harm, you must invest in new furniture. There is something for every style and budget.

So don’t be afraid to spend a lot of money on it. Modern, classic, design, you will find your happiness.

The work chair must allow them to stand up straight. The backrest must be adaptable and must be equipped armrests. They allow for greater stability.

When choosing tables, it is imperative to consider the size of the collaborator who must use them. If it is a common table, you can use the average size of your company’s employees. Apart from the work chairs, you will need to provide some sofas It can be placed in the rest room to allow them to doze off.

Employees could be allowed to personalize their office as they wish. It will allow them to make their working environment comfortable and fulfilling. It can be for example a family photo, a mug and even a plant.

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